Novel Virus and Delivery Method Combine to Improve Patient Outcomes


Oncolytic viruses (OV) can selectively infect and destroy cancer cells while sparing healthy cells and induce the body’s own anti-tumor immune response. Their selectivity can be further enhanced by genetic engineering. OVs have shown promising results in preclinical and clinical studies in melanoma, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer patients.

However, toxicity issues and delivery challenges have limited the full exploitation of oncolytic viruses for therapeutic benefit, particularly in lung cancer which is the first target for the Accurius platform.


The Accurius platform is based on the influenza A virus, which has not been utilized as an oncolytic agent to date. The novel IAV engineering tools developed by the Accurius founders have greatly enhanced and optimized the use of IAV as an oncolytic immunotherapy.

The virus has been genetically modified to ensure safety and to stimulate activation of both innate and adaptive immunity. It also incorporates engineering which provides resistance from pre-existing antibodies to seasonal influenza strains.

The combination of the virus, the genetic modifications, and the additional engineering is a novel approach with the potential to dramatically impact the course of advanced lung cancer treatment. 


We are initially focusing on metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (mNSCLC) because the majority of this large patient group will not respond to currently available treatments and face dismal survival prospects.

We anticipate that the platform will also effectively treat other solid tumor types that metastasize to the lung.


We are engaged in IND-enabling preclinical studies, which are partially funded by a National Institute of Health Fast-Track grant. Current research is focused on the further validation of the therapeutic efficacy of the key therapeutic pipeline candidates alone and in combination with PD-1 blockade in metastatic lung cancer models. 

Preclinical data also demonstrate that the Accurius eIAV potently stimulates systemic
anti-tumor immune responses and eradicates distal tumors.


Currently, OVs are delivered either systemically via infusion or via direct injection into a solid tumor. Systemic delivery can be problematic since the high administered doses of OV which are necessary to deliver an effective dose to the tumor site can be toxic and cause severe adverse events. Direct injection into lung tumors can be risky, with the potential for
fatal damage to the lungs.

Direct pulmonary delivery of the Accurius eIAV overcomes the challenges with intra-tumoral and IV administration of
OVs. This is the natural delivery path for the flu virus and Accurius has optimized its formulation for the most efficient
distribution across the pulmonary tree.

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